Sep 25, 2015

WonderWorks: The technology of thermometers

How do we measure how hot or cold something is?

Today's Topic: thermometers!
a variety of thermometers.  I found some at the dollar store and at Big Lots and I e-mailed participants to ask if they could bring any thermometers they had at home that were appropriate for sharing (i.e. not germy medical thermometers).
Ice cubes
hot water (I asked the coffee shop next door to make a carafe of hot water
red chenille stems
this printable thermometer

cover art Temperature : heating up and cooling down / Stille, Darlene R.

Sep 23, 2015

WonderWorks: Does it absorb?

Let's learn about things that absorb and things that repel liquid!

Today's Topic:Absorption
fabric scraps (various kinds)
containers to hold water 
water droppers (we also used baby-ibuprofen-type syringes)
paper towels
coffee filters
waxed paper
regular paper
plastic wrap
styrofoam plates
paper plates
measuring cups and/or spoons

 cover art Maisy takes a bath / Cousins, Lucy

This book was a bit of a stretch, but I've always loved the page where Maisy is standing at her front door in her towel, dripping water and it's not easy to search for picture books that specifically include towels!

For one of the classes, I also showed this duck video and talked a little bit about how duck feathers don't get wet but the water just slides right off and why (the ducks have a special oil gland that they use to spread oil over their feathers to waterproof them).

Sep 18, 2015

The Supper Club: Mixed-up Apps

Mice that moo, yellow stop signs, and scrambled animals all make for hilarious fun in this month's apps!  Here's the list:

All Mixed Up Apps 

We ended the class by making our own peek-through paper dolls similar to the elephants in Elmer's Photo Patchwork. The dolls were printed from this site (which, although I cannot read the Czech text, I can tell you is FULL of fantastic free printables--definitely worth exploring!). The kids especially loved running their paper through the cold laminator (this one is much cheaper and looks like a similar product...).
 And then "dressing" their paper dolls in clothes that matched their own outfits.  How fun!

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