Apr 1, 2015

Toddler Art Class: Cling Wrap Painting

A great option for kids who hate to get messy (although you can choose to get messy with this if you really want to!).

Art Project: Cling Wrap Painting
plastic wrap (cling wrap / cling film / Saran wrap... whatever you want to call it)
heavy paper

 cover art Mix it up! / Tullet, Hervé

Mar 23, 2015

Toddler Art Class: Cheery Bird Feeders

Alternate title for this class: Toddler Fine Motor Skills Class.

Art Project: Cheery Bird Feeders
Cheerios (or similar cereal)
pipe cleaners / chenille stems / fuzzy wires whatever you want to call them

Book:   cover art Nest / Hurley, Jorey

Mar 20, 2015

Toddler Art Class: Bright on Black

Sometimes the simplest materials yield the most satisfying results!

Art Project: Bright on Black
black construction paper
construction paper crayons

 cover art Friends / Hout, Mies van
(This author has written several titles with this same art style and any of them would work fine.)

Mar 18, 2015

Craft Lab: Himmeli Shapes

Straws + wire = some really interesting (and beautiful) sculpture possibilities!

Today's project: Himmeli Shapes
straws (tiny coffee stirring straws work great, bigger straws also work fine. Paper, plastic, whatever)
wire (I used a fairly thin, flexible gauge that could be easily cut with scissors)
rulers (optional)

Himmeli are traditionally Finnish Christmas decorations, but their beautiful geometric shapes can grace a home at any time of year in any country of the world. They take a little time to make and can be a little tricky to get the hang of, but if you're not a strict traditionalist, the sculpture possibilities are endless!

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